Abbey Hosts Lenten Meditation Concert

Mount Angel Abbey will host a Lenten Meditation concert on Friday, February 12, at 3 p.m. in the Abbey Church. Organist Marcia Hauff will perform Marcel Dupre’s “The Stations of the Cross,” and her performance will be accompanied by Lenten readings.

ma-121713-508-2_fi“The Stations” are deeply moving, almost mystical compositions that depict Christ’s condemnation, suffering and death. Most of Dupre’s organ compositions range from moderately to extremely difficult, with some pieces requiring almost impossible technical demands on the performer. “The Stations” is no exception. The French composer was a genius at taking themes and spontaneously weaving whole symphonies around them, often with elaborate contrapuntal devices including fugues.

hauff-2_sOrganist Marcia Hauff holds a Masters of Music and Doctor of Musical Arts in organ performance from Northwestern University in Chicago. She has performed in the United States and Germany, and taught piano, organ and harpsichord at Willamette University for 22 years. Hauff is the organist at the First Congregational United Church of Christ in Salem, Ore., and also teaches organ and piano to monks and seminarians at Mount Angel Abbey.

While guests are on the hilltop, they are invited to walk the Abbey’s own Stations of the Cross path. The path begins at the foot of the hill and ascends to the grotto statue of Mary at the entrance to the Abbey, taking visitors up a winding road under tall Douglas fir trees. Each station houses a bas-relief sculpture, which early monks brought to the Abbey in 1883 from Munich, Germany.

For more information, contact Myrna Keough at or 503-845-3412.


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