Arrival of Postulants 2015

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The Abbey received five new postulants last week, March 20, 2015. “Amice ad quid venisti” (“Friend, what have you come for?” from RB 60:3). This is etched on the transept switchboard door. This is the first official entry of the new postulants. Br. Keegan, the senior of the class, knocks on the door signifying the postulants’ desire to live in the monastery.

A short RITE OF RECEPTION OF POSTULANTS was conducted at 4:00 PM. The postulants were officially introduced wearing the monastic tunic for the first time in the Abbey Church. Monks, family and friends of the postulants were also there to witness their first day in the monastery.

View photos of the arrival of our new postulants here:…/…/album-72157651583685322/lightbox/


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