New Oblates 2014

On September 25th and 29th, seven novice oblates of Mount Angel Abbey made their final oblation. After a year of studying the Rule of St. Benedict, the practice of lectio divina and Liturgy of the Hours, and attending retreats, these men and women offered themselves to God, to the Blessed Virgin Mary and to our Holy Father St. Benedict solemnly promised to reform their lives to perfectly dedicate themselves to the service of God and neighbor, according to the Rule of St. Benedict in so far their state of life permits.

Our new oblates are: Eileen Terese of Benedict of the Cross McCurry Hays (OR), Jacqueline Therese Bass (OR), Joseph Pio Bass (OR), Sandy Gabriela Spanovich, Nick Bede Warner, Neil Gregory Beyer and Jeff Augustine Flaig.

The entire hilltop community welcomes our new oblates and we ask you to keep them in our prayers.

Visit our Oblates page to know more about the Abbey’s Oblates or see more photos.

(Photos by: Neil and Barbara Beyer, Tim and Eileen Hays)




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