Abbot Gregory Duerr, OSB Celebrates Fourth Anniversary of Abbatial Election

We would like to congratulate and send our greetings to Abbot Gregory Duerr, OSB on his fourth year as the elected father of the hilltop community. He is the eleventh and current abbot of Mount Angel Abbey.

May God bless him for years of service and strengthen him for years to come!

Read his reflection on his abbatial motto on A Word from the Abbot blog:

The Abbot giving his abbatial address on February 26, 2010

Election in the monastery refectory

Election in the monastery refectory

Past Abbots:

Deceased Abbots

Thomas Aq. Meienhofer, OSB (Reigned 1904-1910)

Placidus Fuerst, OSB (Reigned 1910-1921)

Adelhelm Odermatt, OSB (Named Titular Abbot 1916)

Bernard Murphy, OSB (Reigned 1921-1934)

Thomas Aquinas Meier, OSB (Reigned 1934-1950)

Damian Jentges, OSB (Reigned 1950-1974)

Anselm Galvin, OSB (Reigned 1974-1980)

Bonaventure Zerr, OSB (Reigned 1980-1988)

Resigned Abbots

Peter Eberle, OSB (Reigned 1988-1997)

Joseph Wood, OSB (Reigned 1997-2001)

Nathan Zodrow, OSB (Reigned 2001-2009)


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